Instructions for Course Registration

The course registration portal is a self explanatory portal with instructions guiding student all through the registration phase to the print out.
  1. Each student is to report to the ICT with a photocopy of the course registration receipt and the original receipt prints out to clarify that he/she has paid for the course registration. After which such student will be activated to login and commence his/her course registration.
  2. Every student comes as a RETURNING STUDENTS in the portal.
  3. On activation of such student he/she is to login with his/her MATRIC NUMBER and then use his/her FIRST NAME as the password after which he/she must change to desired password on first login to prevent other students messing with his/her account.
  4. After changing the password, the candidate will click on “Register My Courses”, each student is set to their default department. Select level and load courses, check all required course for such session and add courses.
  5. In case of re-run courses or borrowed courses, such student should select the appropriate level for the re-run course and add the course. For borrowed courses, the student should select the department to borrow the course(s), the level and then click on “add courses”.
  6. In cases where the student is not sure of the courses offered, he/she can go to “View My Courses” to remove invalid courses and return to “Register my Course” to add valid courses.
  7. Click on “Submit Courses” and print out the course registration sheet.
  8. Other things student can do are update passport, view payment and print e-receipt ….