Payment Instruction

    You can make payment for your school fees, hostel, acceptance etc using this payment mode. This can be done anywhere there is internet connectivity including a cyber cafe with or outside the school premises.
    Online Registration:

    1. Log on to the portal
    2. Click on Returning Student menu
    3. You will be requested to login using your matric # and password.
    4. Click on "Pay School Fees"
    5. Follow the screen instructions.
    6. Supply all neccesary details.
    7. Ensure that the status of your payment says “Successful”
    8. Print receipt, make a photocopy.
    9. Click on (Register My Courses) to add courses. Select your level and the semester then click load courses.
    10. Click on (Submit) and print out the course form.
    11. Sign Out. Always remember to sign-out!!!.
    12. Proceed to HOD/Course Advisor for signature.